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Maintenance Care Do's & Don'ts


We recommend that you use these “Do” cleaning techniques:


 Do clean up spills immediately.


 Do use a ph7 neutral cleaner.


 Do damp mop when using a string mop with a bucket ringer. (cold water application)


 Do change your water frequently to prevent cross-contamination.  (Ex: Bathroom mopping water to Kitchen area)


 Do remove any excess water from the grout joints with a damp mop.



 We recommend that you Don’t” use these cleaning techniques: 


Don’t use a swiffer or a sponge mop as they tend to push dirt around and into the grout joints.


Don't use vinegar and water for cleaning tile. Vinegar is acidic and will damage grout and bleach its color.


Don't use muriatic acid or other acidic cleaners- it is dangerous to people, pets, tile and grout.


Don't use bleach on a tile surface. It is acidic, corrosive and toxic and has the same effect on tile and grout as



Don't clean the surface of tile with abrasive cleaning powders. They will scratch the tile and wear down glazed

and unglazed surfaces prematurely.


Don’t use a dish detergent; it will leave a soapy residue, which promotes mildew and dulls the surface.


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