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A great looking kitchen with granite countertops we cleaned, sealed and buffed to a beautiful shine. Serviced by AAA Tile & Grout Services in Grand Prairie, Texas.



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We will visit your home for a no obligation inspection of all your tile & grout surfaces, natural stone, porcelain, ceramic tile showers & tub surrounds.  We also provide estimates on deep cleaning, sealing & polishing of granite countertops. 


Estimates by Text


Don't have time for an In-person estimate. Just send (4) pictures of each problem area: Showers, tub surrounds and other wet areas along with your name and location by text to 817-706-3590.  We will then send you a quote by text once we review your pictures.



AAA Tile & Grout Services is a family-owned and operated business that serves Arlington/Ft. Worth, Texas area.  We have been restoring grout lines and protecting hard surfaces in the in the Arlington/Ft. Worth area since 2002.  We are truly committed to maintaining and protecting the investment you have made in your home.  AAA Tile & Grout Services provides quality professional services dedicated to restoring and protecting your grout lines, ceramic tile, porcelain tile and natural stone surfaces, while creating a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your family.  So, whether you need your grout lines, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, travertine, tumbled marble, granite countertops and other interior or exterior cleaning services, we can get it done to your utmost satisfaction!  We will also take the time to educate you on maintaining your hard surfaces by providing accurate maintenance information, which will save you money and make maintenance much easier for years to come.  All of our workmanship is 100% guaranteed.  We will completely exceed your expectations with our outstanding service and expertise.  AAA Tile & Grout Services appreciates your interest and looks forward to earning your business.


Our Services we provide in Arlington/Ft. Worth, TX:  Tile & Grout Cleaning ● Tile & Grout Sealing ● Shower & Tub Surround Cleaning ● Granite Countertops Cleaning, Sealing & Polishing ● Grout Repair & Caulking

Arlington/Ft. Worth Tile & Grout Cleaning

Are dirty grout lines driving you crazy?  Do you hate the look of your tile and grout surfaces?  Do you even remember the color of your grout?  You might even be considering replacing your tiles floor or countertops? Please donít do this until you have call us.  Grout acts like a concrete sponge, absorbing in years of dirt, grime and bacteria.  This causes the grout to discolor over time. Mopping does nothing but push the dirt around.  At AAA Tile & Grout Services uses a deep penetrating tile/grout cleaner and professional equipment to remove years of dirt, grime and bacteria from your ceramic, porcelain and natural stone surfaces.  Our cleaning cleaning process will leave your floors looking revitalize and clean again.  Whether it's your kitchen, entryway or bathroom, we offer the floor cleaning service you have been looking for.  Not only can we restore the look of your tiled surfaces, but we can surely make sure they are protected as well with our sealing process.  So, save yourself the frustration of bending over for hours on your hands and knees with a toothbrush and give us a call. 

A picture of a kitchen floor with porcelain tile in Keller, Texas. Cleaned and sealed by AAA Tile & Grout Services. A picture of a porcelain tile entryway in Crowley, Texas. Deep cleaned and sealed by AAA Tile & Grout Services. A picture of a kitchen floor with ceramic tile in Arlington, Texas. Cleaned and sealed by AAA Tile & Grout Services.     


*Before & After Tile/Grout Cleaning (Gallery Pictures)

Arlington/Ft. Worth Shower & BathTub Surround Cleaning Services


ARLINGTON/FT. WORTH TILE & GROUT CLEANING: We specialize in deep cleaning of grout lines in showers and tub surrounds in the Arlington/Ft. Worth area.  Grout lines are very porous and must be sealed in order to keep it from absorbing oils, dirt, soaps/shampoos and bacteria. Regular cleaning won't reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines. We know the correct cleaners and process to get the best results possible when restoring your showers & tub surround surfaces.  Our experienced tile cleaning professional will give your showers & tub surrounds the nicest look and the appropriate sealing protection for your surfaces.


ARLINGTON/FT.WORTH TILE & GROUT SEALING: Ceramic, Porcelain and Natural Stone floors get dirty quick!  AAA Tile & Grout Services provides professional tile & grout sealing, which is recommended upon completion of cleaning your tile & grout surfaces.  Grout sealing protects against future staining (water, oil, dirt, etc...) of your grout lines and makes cleaning of your hard surfaces easier to maintain.  Natural Stone surfaces like Travertine and Granite Countertops are even more susceptible to damage if not sealed.  Give AAA Tile & Grout Services a call for your grout sealing needs.


ARLINGTON/FT.WORTH REGROUTING (GROUT REPAIR): We perform regrouting (grout repair) services for showers, tub surrounds and countertops in the Arlington/Ft. Worth area, that may have cracked, become discolored or just missing.  Regrouting these damage areas can make your wet areas look "CLEAN and NEW AGAIN".  AAA Tile & Grout Services will removed the old grout and replace it, giving the tile surface a new appearance.  We use professional tools to remove the damage grout and replace it with brand new grout between the tiles. Regrouting is a specialized process that should be performed by an experienced professional in the tile industry.


ARLINGTON/FT. WORTH CAULKING SERVICES:  We provide a waterproof barrier around your shower floors, shower walls, bathtub, and sink, is an essential line of protection against water damage.  Over time, most caulking will develop mildew (mold), peel, or crack.  If left untreated, theses areas where the caulking has deteriorated will leave your shower and bathtub exposed to water leaking behind your walls, which will result in severe water damage and costly repairs into the thousands.  It is very important to maintain the caulking around areas exposed to water, especially your shower and bathtubs.  New caulking will not only provide a waterproof barrier but will also dramatically improve the look of your shower, bathtub surround, and sink.


Get rid of the nasty, unsightly mold and mildew stains and save money!  In addition to saving money from not having costly water damage repairs, having AAA Tile & Grout Services professionally remove your old caulking and replace it with new will save you time and bring your shower and bath tub back to new as well as being completely waterproof.  Look out for worn, mildew, peeling and cracked joints in your showers, tub surrounds and backsplash areas in your home!!!


Shower Tile Cleaning & Sealing Protection

Caulk Color Matching

Regrouting (Grout Repair) Services

Grout Color Sealing for Showers (Sanded grout only)

Mildew & Bacteria Removal


A picture of a travertine shower floor cleaned, caulked and sealed in Burleson, Texas.  Services provided by AAA Tile & Grout Services.   A picture of a shower throughly cleaned, caulked and sealed in Fort Worth, Texas.  Services provided by AAA Tile & Grout Services.   A picture of a shower with a bench deeply cleaned, caulked and sealed in Irving, Texas.  Services provided by AAA Tile & Grout Services.   



*Shower & Bathtub Restoration (Gallery Pictures)



Dallas/Ft. Worth Granite Countertops Cleaning & Sealing Services


ARLINGTON/FT. WORTH GRANITE COUNTERTOPS CLEANING & SEALING - Granite countertops is the largest investment in your kitchen or bath. Your granite countertops are constantly in use, and require your attention daily. Some of our customers are constantly worrying about the condition of their granite surfaces.  AAA Tile & Grout Services takes the worry away by completing a detailed cleaning of your granite countertops and applying high quality granite sealer for protection against water and oil stains.  We also offer granite polishing services to help bring back that brilliant shine.  AAA Tile & Grout Services is just a phone call away to answer any granite countertops related questions you might have.


The most commonly asked question about granite countertops is, "How often do I have to seal my granite countertops?


Upon evaluation AAA Tile & Grout Services can provide easy answers to all of your granite related questions.  Because each granite countertop is different and every application is different the rule of thumb has been one time per year with a high quality penetrating sealer.  If you have concerns regarding your granite countertops, please call us so we can call you and set up a personalized appointment.


Detail Deep Cleaning

Stain Protection (Natural Stone Sealing)

Polishing - Restoring the Luster

Hi-Speed Buffing

  Granite countertops we cleaned, sealed and buffed to bring back it's luster. Serviced by AAA Tile & Grout Services in Colleyville, Texas.   Unique looking granite countertops deeply cleaned, sealed and buffed. Serviced by AAA Tile & Grout Services in Arlington, Texas.   Granite countertops deeply cleaned, sealed and buffed. Serviced by AAA Tile & Grout Services in Carrollton, Texas.  



(Gallery Pictures): *Granite Countertops Clean & Seal

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Reasons To Choose Us


AAA Tile & Grout Services specializes in ceramic, porcelain and natural stone shower tile & grout surfaces. We also restore the luster back to your granite countertops.


At AAA Tile & Grout Services we are dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients in Arlington/Ft. Worth, Texas . Itís our pledge that each service we provide will be of the highest possible quality.


We are NOT a franchise.  We are a veteran owned and operated small business with over 17 years of experience serving the Arlington/Ft. Worth, Texas.


We restore your shower tile/stone & tub surround surfaces at a fraction of the cost of replacement.


We offer no-obligation, in-home consultations or quotes by phone (text) with exact price quotes (No Hidden Charges & Absolutely NO Bait and Switch pricing).


We use specially formulated cleaning solutions and proven methods that are excellent for cleaning grout & tile and granite countertop surfaces.




They did an excellent job. Plus, they are prompt, courteous, and friendly. The price was competitive to other bids I received for the work. No complaints whatsoever. I definitely recommend them.


Southlake, TX


"Very Satisfied. We had our grout cleaned, stained a new color, and sealed. The results were fantastic. AAA Tile and Grout is everything you would want a home-improvement contractor to be efficient, neat, timely, and professional.


Trophy Club, TX  



(Read Our More Of Our Testimonials)


Maintenance & Care


Cleaning solutions containing acid, bleach, ammonia or vinegar should never be used to maintain your tile & grout.  Over time, these chemicals do more harm than good, as they strip away the protection, making more frequent cleaning and sealing necessary.  Acids will also cause your grout to deteriorate and strip the pigment from your colored grout. We will provide you with after care instructions so that your floor stays cleaner longer.  This is a non-acidic cleaner, which will not harm the sealant protection on your floors. (Do's & Don'ts of Maintenance Care)



Did You Know?  Many floor cleaning products leave a residue that can attract soil. (Learn More Did You Know Facts)


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