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Did You Know Facts


  Grout is a textured and porous Portland Cement, that much like concrete, welcomes stains and dirt.

  Major manufacturer's of wall and floor grout recommend sealing their products for protection against stains no

   more than 48 to 72 hours after installation.

  Without a non-porous grout sealer your investment has zero protection against household stains.

  White and light colored grouts will begin to show signs of discoloration almost immediately.

  Properly sealed grout will actually repel the moisture that leads to bacteria, mold and mildew growth.

  Many recommended tile cleaners contain a percentage of acid, and other harsh chemicals, that can be damaging

   to unsealed grout, and many over-the-counter grout sealers.

  Properly sealed grout is as easy to clean as the tile itself, and makes routine maintenance trouble-free.

  Perfectly good ceramic tile installations are ripped up and replaced daily, at great expense to homeowners, due to

   permanently damaged unsealed grout.



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